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The Massage Experience Begins Before the Massage

Imagine your perfect massage.  How does the room look? What smells are in the air? How does the robe feel against your skin?  What music is playing in the room? Can you imagine the fresh taste of fruit infused water and how it makes you feel like you’ve just undone 10 years of neglecting your body with one sip of cucumber water?   Every client has their idea of a great massage before they even walk through your doors.  In exchange for their hard-earned money clients are looking for a relaxing experience.

Relaxation begins before the massage.  Your environment can go a long way in conveying to your clients that you are on purpose with the therapy you offer.  Beginning with the end in mind and considering what you want the end experience to be for your client and for your business will enable you to create the atmosphere that produces raving clients.  An article written by Oana Borcoman, CEO of Evoke Experiences entitled “How Evoking the Five Senses helps Deliver an Unparalleled Experience,” highlights how top businesses cater to the five senses of their clients and create repeat clients.

There are many ways to offer stimulate your clients five senses in the massage industry.  Consider the softness of the sheets, towels and robes that touch your client’s skin. Consider the smells of the candles, the fruit offered and the scent of the robe.  Contemplate the music in the background and the welcoming voice as you greet your clients.  As an added touch offer your clients a choice of various fruit infused water.  Lastly, to evoke your customers sense of sight, be on purpose concerning your décor and what it conveys to you clients.  Wall décor, furnishings, massage table and equipment, lighting and linen all conveys to your clients that you are a professional. can help you appoint your studio to fit your needs. 

Taking the time to consider the needs of your clients and their expectations can go a long way in creating repeat clients.